A Likeable Future for Mrs. Henke

The Oklahoma GOP has a chance this year to get a little more likeable.

There is no denying their winning streak, they are on a roll. But they don’t have that certain member that, no matter the legislation, no matter the controversy, people like them. Likeability is very underrated in politics.

The Dem’s have this in Norman legislator Emily Virgin. She’s young, smart, and cute. Something the Democrat Party is in desperate need of right now.

Well, looks like Emily may have met her match…meet Katie Henke.

Katie is running in the HD71 special election in Tulsa that was created when Dan Sullivan got the GRDA gig. A Cascia Hall grad, Katie studied Education at the University of Alabama and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood development. Katie has taught special needs children at Tulsa’s Little Light House, as well as pre-kindergarten classes at Montessori and Riverfield schools. The GOP found a teacher, and one that teaches special needs kids on top of that. Score!

Katie also checks all the necessary Republican boxes. She’s a member of the Tulsa Republican Club, The Republican Women’s Club of Tulsa, The Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women, The National Federation of Republican Women and the Oklahoma First Ladies (OFRW). Katie and her husband Frazier have been married since June of 2009.

She will have a competitive general election if she can win the GOP primary February 14th, but in 2012 things look good for this young, smart, cute, conservative. We look forward to some cat fights in the next legislative session. Sorry, we couldn’t resist.

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