Katie Henke on the Issues


Education Advocate

As a teacher for over seven years, I understand the importance of providing our children with a quality education, and how a strong education system positively impacts our state.  I am committed to raising Oklahoma’s education standards and promoting an environment of learning for the whole child, unencumbered by excessive testing.

Pro Business

My family has been doing business in Oklahoma since before statehood. I appreciate the significance of building the Oklahoma economy, and how a growing economy advances our state.  I will be a steadfast supporter of making Oklahoma one of the most business friendly states in the nation.

Limited Government

I am a proponent of reducing the size of government, wherever possible.
I believe people should be empowered, not our government.

Improved Infrastructure

I support prioritizing Oklahoma road and bridge funding and will work to ensure all transportation revenue is utilized for transportation improvements, rather than directed into the state’s general fund.

Energy Resources

Oklahoma is blessed with an abundance of energy resources.  I support a comprehensive approach that utilizes all forms of energy, with a primary focus on the resources we have here in the state of Oklahoma.