Vote YES on HB 1614!


Since our launch in Oklahoma in 2013, Uber has facilitated hundreds of thousands of safe, reliable, and affordable rides for residents while also providing a flexible earning opportunity for drivers in the Sooner State.

Last year, we were successful in preserving additional transportation options for those in Oklahoma City and Tulsa by working with officials to create a regulatory framework to account for the unique nature of ridesharing.

Now, the State Legislature has taken up the issue of ridesharing and is looking to enact statewide regulations. House Bill 1614, with the support and leadership of Rep. Katie Henke, would preserve ridesharing in Tulsa, expand ridesharing options in Oklahoma City, and bring services like Uber to the entire state of Oklahoma. We need your help to let the state legislature know that you support ridesharing and HB 1614!

Oklahoma has the chance to be one of the first states to adopt ridesharing legislation. It would preserve ridesharing across the state and maintain Oklahoma’s reputation as a state supportive of innovation and economic growth.

Oklahomans deserve access to transportation choices and the ability to earn a flexible income on the uberX platform. Tell your state representative that #OKneedsUber and to vote FOR HB 1614!

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